Air Mouse,MX3 Pro Backlit Mini Keyboard,Voice Remote Control,Mini Wireless Keyboard & IR Learning Air Mouse Remote,Best for Raspberry Pi 4 Android Smart Tv Box HTPC IPTV PC Pad Xbox

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Product Description

SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE with Dupad Story 2.4G Mini Wireless Backlit Air Mouse Fly USB Remote with Qwerty Keyboard, Built-in Microphone

Have you noticed that the old remote only can move target with the direction keys, have you feel tired when using the old tv remote because can’t move to your target faster? With our air mouse remote, you will feel happy when watching at home.

So what can it be, how to simple my life?

1.It can works as a mouse
Built-in with 3-Gyro + 3-G Sensor, it can converts your space movement in the air into an accurate displacement on the screen,allows mouse to be controlled accurately for motion sensing game.

2.It can works as a keyboard
Designed with QWERTY full keyboard that you can type any words that you need. 

3.It can works as a remote 
It will provide you with the smooth navigation and perfect control for all you needs!

4.It can works as a Microphone
Designed with built-in portable mic, which allows you to chat with friends or input words via voice.

Notes: This is a universal controller, It is normal that few keys might not be applicable to your device because of different codes by different manufacturer.

How to program IR Learning:

This remote allows you to be programmed 5 keys (Power button and bottom 4 Color buttons),you can learn some common functions of your Old TV with this remote.

Program Step:

Press and hold the “TV” button for 3-5 seconds,the lights will blinks from fast, solid until to slow, indicating it is in Learning Mode. Please notice only when the lights blinks slowly that it is in Learning Mode, otherwise it can’t program successfully and please try again until lights blinks slowly.
Keep the air mouse and TV remote infrared transmitter alignment, head to head within 2 CM. Press the button on your personal device remote that you want to program==> The light will blink slowly become to blink quickly.
Press the button on the Air Mouse remote that you want to program to that function ==> the light will resume blinking slowly.
Press the “TV” button once==> the light will stop blinking and off. Learning finished. Now try to control your personal device via this button which programmed on this air mouse.

Frequently Asked Questions For Infrared Learning.

1.Why the lights will off when learning?
The time to learn is limited,after long time waits still have no operate,the lights will off, so it means you need to go back to step 1.

2.The button have learned successfully, why it don’t work?
Transmission between infrared very vulnerable to obstacles, so the transmission very unstable, the remote may can’t learn successfully in once, so please try again,or change another button to program.

3.Why the “Power” button won’t power on the device?
The IR Code of starting device is not all same for (all device),as a universal controller,it can’t compatible with all device,so the remote only can power off device. But you can Infrared learn your old remote’s “power” button on this remote,then this air mouse remote also can power on and off your device. Note: After finish learning IR Code value on “Power” buttom, it will cover original 2.4G key value.

How to use the voice input function:

Designed with Built-in portable microphone,which allows you to chat with your friends with the device without mic. But the voice input function only worked for the built-in voice input search box or apps, such as Google and WhatsApp etc. 

How to use voice search on Google search box: 

Press “TV” Key to switch the Mode to Fly Mouse Mode,the lights will blinks or off.
Open your Google Brower,find the “Search by Voice” function.
When seeing words”Speak now” means you can hold the “voice” key to speak words,when finished, just release the key.
Then Google will recognize what you said and show you the search results.

Notes: Voice Search Function doesn’t works like Alexa Voice Remote, it can’t across APP.                         Please reading it before place an order.​

Product Specification:

The transmission and control distance for more than 10 meters, people can sit on the couch enjoy movies, music in bed, surfing the Internet.

CURSOR LOCK: Short press to lock the cursor,and then return the cursor state.

QWERTY Full Keyboard​: 38 keys Wireless Qwerty keyboard. Press Alt, to switch to blue or white characters.

Keys Quantity : 81 KEYS.
Battery Type : 2XAAA (not included).
Material : Rubber and Silicone 
Size : 172*59*19mm (Thickness 10mm).

Compatible with almost all android device( which have USB input): Android Kodi Smart TV Box, Mini PC,Windows,HTPC

Package included:
1 * Wireless Air Mouse
1 * USB Receiver
1 * User Manual

【VOICE INPUT】Our air remote mouse built-in microphone which can chat with friends or input words via voice.Please note that the Voice Search Function doesn’t works like Alexa Voice Remote, it can’t across app. Only works for the built-in voice input search box or apps.
【4 in 1 Air Remote Mouse】2.4G Air mouse + Wireless Mini keyboard + 6-Axis Somatosensory+IR remote learning mouse.
【IR LEARNING】The fly air mouse remote can programs up to 5 keys.Convenience to control all your devices in one, if you have any problem when using the IR learning function,please read the product description and welcome to ask us for help.
【PLUG AND PLAY】 This mini wireless keyboard is connected by a stable powerful 2.4GHz RF technology, just plug USB receiver,the transmission distance can up to 10m/32ft (5m/16ft voice transmission distance).
【WIDELY COMPATIBLE】Compatible with almost all android device( which have USB input): Android TV Box, Mini PC,Windows, HTPC and PCTV.(2xAAA battery not included)

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