Bomaker WiFi Mini Projector, 100″ Outdoor Projector Screen Included, Native 1280x720P Portable Movie Projector, Wireless Mirroring by WiFi / USB Cable, for Video Games, Movies, Camping, TV Stick, PS5

Price: $109.74
(as of Jun 24,2021 21:04:36 UTC – Details)

Product Description

Bomaker 2021 lastest portable wifi projector S5 has crisp color, 80% higher brightness and top-notch contrast ratio, you don’t need to spend over a grand to get one with good picture quality. Why not choose it to create your giant home cinematic theater?

Don’t get puzzled by “Native” and “Supported” resolution, what’s the difference?

What is Native Resolution?

Every projector that uses microdisplays, whether they are LCD panels, DLP or LCOS chips, has a fixed array of pixels on those microdisplays. That fixed array of pixels is known as the native resolution of the projector. It is the actual, true, physical resolution of the projector. Bomaker HD mini projector S5 has 720 lines with 1,280 pixels across each line. In other words, it is twice as sharp compared to 480p.

What is Supported Resolution?

Most 480p projector claims it is Full HD 1080p supported. Well, it has nothing to do projected image and refers only to the input signal. Every projector is programmed to recognize inputs in a variety of formats and sizes and the maximum resolution is the highest resolution value that the device can process and then display. But the native resolution which determines overall clarity and sharpness.

How does the projector handle a signal in a resolution other than its native resolution?

To display higher resolution content, the projector automatically down-scales (compresses) pixels in the input feed to its native resolution. If the input resolution is higher (as high as the maximum) or lower than the native resolution, the projector will convert the signal to the native resolution using a process called scaling. Imagine a projector with a native resolution of 640×480 capable of handling up to 1080i HD signals. Without scaling, the projector won’t be able to handle 1080i content because the 1920×1080 resolution obviously has more pixels than the device’s micro-display which only has 640×480 pixels.

Be well informed to learn which is real native 480p, 720P, 1080P projectors or “Supported ”1080p(actually 480p)!


True Native 1280P*720P Resolution, You Can See Bright Enough During the Daytime, Clear Enough for Camping and Outdoor movies.

Bigger Screen, Clearer Image, Better Visual!


Bringing the Theater to Your Home, Movie Nights Will Distract You From This Crisis in This Unusual Time.


Watching movies, taking online meetings or playing games, simply supersize any entertainment.


Bomaker Native 720P projector with physical Full HD 1080p decoding technology.


Seamlessly display and enjoy your favorite shows, movies from TV stick, phone, laptop or your USB.

Multimedia Projector

1080P Decoding Technology

Home Theater Anyway


Bomaker is With You To Accompany Your Family

Stay with your family. Enjoy happy time with your family by using the TV projector! Bomaker S5 high-end, cost-effective HD WiFi mini projector can help you own and protect it even at home.


Wireless Portable Projector

Use the Bomaker Portable Projector to Enjoy Fun Outdoor Time With Family and Friends!

More Affordable and Portable While Providing Excellent Image Quality.


Bright Anytime: Offers you enough brightness for outdoor movies, camping and resists color decay over time due to self-developed 5-inch multilayer-coated lens and HD multi-mode decoder soc chip, 150 ANSI Lumens(2700 Light Source Lumen, 400 LED Lumen).
True Wifi, No Cables: 5S project from a 5.5″ phone to a 200″ image. S5 wifi mini projector brings a wireless freedom to you. Adopts premium chipset and atennal ensures fast wifi connection, input lag runs below 35ms, no wifi cut out.
Noise< 42 dB: Keep quiet! Built-in 10W HiFi Stereo speakers with SRS sound system, adopted Nidec oil bearing fans and cooling system, the noise is lower less than 42 dB, lamp life is up to 80000 hours.
User-friendly: 100 inch projector screen included for indoor outdoor movies, the ideal distance is 8.2-11.4 ft with 80-100’’ large screen. All-in-one gives you a world that delivers a truly immersive HD home theater.

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