Bluetooth Dongle Adapter USB 4.0 – Zamia Mini Dongle Receiver and Transmitters Wireless Adapter Kit Compatible with PS4 /PS5 Playstation 4 /5 Support A2DP HFP HSP

Price: $12.99
(as of Jun 21,2021 07:46:52 UTC – Details)

Turn on the PS4 host, set the PS4 console audio output mode, select Settings-Peripheral Devices-Audio Devices-USB Headset (USB Audio Device). completing this setting, you must turn on the external audio settings) connection method: 1.turn on you ps4 insert the bluetooth dongle into one of the usb ports , 2.the lED indicator on the dongle flashes slowly first,then press the dongle button 2 seconds the LED indicator flashes quickly,this signals pairing mode.turn on you bluetooth headphone and turn it to pairing mode. the bluetooth dongle and your bluetooth headphone will automatically pair the LED indictor of the dongle will turn blue when connecting successfully.and the bluetooth dongle will automatically connect to the blutooth headphone at next time , 3.insert the microphone into the earphone jack of ps4 contyoller , 4.move to the ps4 user interface/home screen, menu devices, audio devices , 7.set input device to headset connected to controller , 8.set output device to usb headphones , 9.adjust and tesr volume of microphone , 10.adjust bluetooth headphone volume, 11.set output to headphones to all audio, Feature: – Revolutionary for PS4 – PS4 wireless Dongle(Latest Version) – Latest version upgraded with stable performance – Allows you connect to any wireless audio device when you plug into your PS4 USB slot – Wireless microphone enable you to chat when plug into the PS4 controller Specification: Use for SONY PS4 Playstation 4 Compatible with wireless Headsets Working Voltage: 5V Output Power: 0~+4dBm Receiving Sensitivity: -75dB Frequency: 2.4G ISM Transmission: 33 feet(10 meters) Audio decoder code: 16bit codec wireless: V4.0+EDR wireless Profiles: A2DP, HSP, HFP Package Included: 1 x USB Adapter wireless Dongle 1 x Audio Receiver

1、wireless Dongle upgrade to the latest version, stable performance.
2、Size: approx. 3.3cm x 1.6cm x 0.8cm Transmission range: 33 feet (10 meters) Perfect compatibility: suitable for any Bluetooth headset (Bluetooth adapter must be connected to the PS4 console, if you are connected to another machine is not available)
3、 When you plug in the USB slot, the USB adapter will connect to any wireless audio device. With a wireless microphone, you can chat while plugging in the controller.
4、 3.5mm male and female busbars, perfectly connected to the microphone. A cable clamp that holds the microphone on your clothes. This allows you to play the game without noise when talking to the microphone, bringing you the perfect gaming experience! (Sony BOSE JBL brand is not supported at this time)
5、The wireless Protocol Stack is implemented on the dongle, regardless of the host. Only the host supports USB Auido, plug in the USB BT Dongle to send the host audio signal to the wireless terminal device through Dongle.

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