iJoy Hypnotic Active Noise-Cancelling Headphones-Wireless Over Ear Bluetooth Headphones with 5.0 High Connectivity- Over-Ear ANC Headset Rich HQ Sound& Deep Bass- 35 Hour Battery- Backup 3.5mm Cable

Price: $39.99
(as of Aug 01,2021 07:48:46 UTC – Details)

iJoy Premium Noise-Cancelling Headphones – Seamless Bluetooth 5.0 Connectivity & Synchronization With All Your Personal Media Devices.
Whether at home, at work, at the gym, on the train, bus or in any crowded and noisy place, you can finally experience all your favorite songs, music, radio, films, TV shows, and any other audio/video media undisturbed – just like the way you were meant to!
By combining ANC active noise cancelling technology with Bluetooth 5.0 powered versatile connectivity, these noise-cancelling over-ear headphones will never leave your side.
Designed & Built For Unparalleled Performance & Everyday Utility.

  • Professional quality ANC active noise cancelling technology
  • Over-ear design for comfort & perfect fit
  • Travel-friendly compact size & lightweight construction
  • Up to 35 hours of uninterrupted battery time
  • Backup 3.5mm audio jack and cable included
  • Easy to access on/off button
  • Padded top for comfortable fit on your head
  • Sleek black color and design for men and women
  • Stable Connection with any device: MP3, PC, TV, SMARTPHONE, IPAD, NOTEBOOK

Built-In Cutting Edge Active Noise Cancelling Technology
You can now enjoy crystal clear sound unbothered, even at lower volumes – that’s the wonder of active noise cancelling for you. The perfect way to dive into your favorite song or audiobook with zero distractions.
Bluetooth 5.0 Compatible For Maximum Connectivity
With both full connectivity with Bluetooth 5.0 compatible devices and an ever trustworthy 3.5mm jack, these over-ear headphones will fit all your listening needs. Plus, even when they are low on battery, the backup cable included will have your back!
Get Your Own iJoy Premium Noise-Cancelling Over-Ear Headset Today. We Are Sure You’ll Love Them!
ADVANCED NOISE CANCELLING TECH FOR CRISP SOUND: You can officially forget all about background noise, traffic, crowded places, and the like. With these amazing noise-cancelling over-ear headphones you can enjoy your favorite music and podcasts in peace and crystal-clear sound quality – anywhere, anytime. Great for you MP3, PC, TV, SMARTPHONE, IPAD, Notebook and more.
UP TO 35 WHOLE HOURS OF UNINTERRUPTED FUN & RELAXATION: Worried about your wireless earphones running out of juice in the middle of your favorite album, audiobook, or podcast? Well, don’t be. With its rapid charge technology and high capacity rechargeable battery, this headset can provide you with as many as 35 hours of high-quality sound on a full charge. Plus, the padded design guarantees comfortable fit for hours on end!
PREMIUM QUALITY FOR EXCELLENT PERFORMANCE: When it comes to our noise-cancelling headphones we firmly believe that there’s no substitute for quality. All the parts and materials of these noise-cancelling headphones are absolutely top-notch, and designed to deliver to you the best experience possible. Perfect for home use, office, gym, sports, travel and more!
GET YOUR OWN HEADSET RIGHT AWAY – WITH 0% RISK: At iJoy, our products are all about bringing you joy – it’s right there in the brand name! If there’s anything wrong with your new noise-cancelling headphones, simply contact us and we’re make everything right – that’s the promise of our 60-day Free Replacement Guarantee!

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