PS4 Gaming Headset with Mic, YOTMS Wired Gaming Headset for PC, Xbox One, Laptop, with 50mm Low-Latency Driver, Wireless Bluetooth Headphones for Travel/Work, 30h Play, RGB Light -Red

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Product Description

gaming headsetgaming headset

Product Details:

This is a gaming headset that combines multiple modes. It has ultra-low latency (as low as 60ms) and is close to 2.4G gaming headsets. When using wired gaming mode, it reduces the delay during the game, so that the game is smoother. Better gaming experience.

Q8 wired gaming headset is the main gaming headset for PlayStation 4, Xbox one, PC, laptop . As long as your gaming device has a 3.5mm interface, you can use our Q8 gaming headset, which can bring you a vivid sound field , Clear voice and shocking voice.
In addition, this is also a wireless Bluetooth headset. When you are working or traveling, its Bluetooth mode can bring you more private space. Its super soft cushion is more suitable for long-term wear and foldable design. It is more convenient to go out.

*******************************************************WIRED GAMING HEADSET*******************************************************

gaming headsetgaming headset

**********************************************BLUETOOTH WIRELESS HEADPHOENS*********************************************

gaming headsetgaming headset

gaming  headsetgaming  headset

Q8 Headset

Package Contents:

1 x Q8 gaming headset

1 x operating instructions

1 xUSB charging cable

1 xLine IN cable

Speaker size: 50mm

Speaker impedance: 32Ω+/-15%

Battery capacity: 500mAh

Charging time: 2.5 hours

Life time: ≥30 hours

Microphone: 6.0x 5.0mm

Headphone jack: 3.5mm interface

Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5.0

About Q8 Headset

Why choose Q8 gaming headset?

1.2-in-1 headset mode: This headset combines gaming headsets and Bluetooth headsets, the switching of the two modes is more suitable for more occasions;

2. Product compatibility: In wired mode, it is compatible with PS4, Xbox One, PC, and other 3.5mm interface devices.

3. In wireless Bluetooth mode, it is compatible with most mobile phone devices. It can be used after connecting without driving;

4. Ultra-low latency: 50mm drive, close to 60mm and 2.4G low-latency drive earphones, reduce the delay of the earphones, and bring a better experience for games or music;

5. Lighting design: The headset uses RGB lighting design. The cool lighting adds to the atmosphere of the game. Of course, you can also choose to turn off the light when you are out;

6. Soft and comfortable material: soft and breathable material, more suitable for long-term wearing.

gaming headset

gaming headset

gaming headset

gaming headset

gaming headset

gaming headset

gaming headset

gaming headset

Detachable Microphone

In this design, we use a detachable external microphone, which is more convenient when using wired game mode. At the same time, for the convenience of wearing out, we use a built-in microphone design in Bluetooth mode.

50mm Drive

The high-precision drive allows you to enjoy clearer and more powerful high-quality sound when using the headset, perfectly convey the sound from the game, and immerse yourself in the enjoyment of music.

Up to 30 Hours of Use

500mAH high-capacity battery, can last for 30 hours after being fully charged, long-lasting battery life, imagine games, music, calls, etc.

Button Usage in Bluetooth Mode

We design the control buttons under the earmuffs, which makes it easier and more convenient to control the lights, adjust the volume, and use the Bluetooth mode more conveniently and quickly.

gaming headsetgaming headset

🎧2 in 1 Headset🎧: Q8 headset is a combination of wired gaming headset and wireless Bluetooth headset: ①The wired mode used for games is also the traditional headset mode. The wired mode is suitable for games. ②The wireless Bluetooth mode for music is suitable for a variety of systems. It can be used when connected to Bluetooth 5.0 without driving. The Bluetooth mode is used for travel/work, such as listening to music, watching movies, making calls, etc.
🎧Multi-platform compatibility🎧: Support PlayStation 4, new Xbox One, PC, Nintendo 3DS, laptop, PSP, tablet, iPad, computer, mobile phone. Please note that you will need an additional Microsoft adapter (not included) when connecting to an older version of the Xbox One controller.
🎧Low-latency driver & noise reduction mic🎧: The combination of PS4 gaming headset’s excellent 50mm driver and noise-reduction microphone provides you with incredible surround sound. The headset design uses a low-latency technology close to 2.4G to enhance the speaker The sensitivity of the unit brings you a vivid sound field.
🎧Excellent humanized design🎧: ①The application of high-quality and comfortable breathable materials conforms to ergonomic standards, which can reduce hearing impairment and heat and sweat, and can extend the wearing time; ②The earmuffs flash with dazzling RGB LED lights to highlight the game Atmosphere, you can turn on/off the lights according to your preferences; ③The earphones are light and foldable design, which is more convenient when you go out.
🎧Important note🎧: Note 1: You need to insert the headphone cable in the game mode, please make sure to use it for the game device in the wired mode. Note 2: In Bluetooth mode, the headset has a built-in microphone, which can only be used when making a call.

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