Soundbar Speaker RGB LED Light Bar with Several Colors for Perfect Sound and Entertainment System TV Wall Mount Bluetooth AUX Optical and HDMI Connection

Price: $67.99
(as of Jun 20,2021 11:50:31 UTC – Details)

Ariston is an emerging audio sound company. Ariston provides high-quality, innovative products that are meticulously made with the everyday consumer in mind. Ariston offers devices that cater to each customer’s needs. Ariston’s products are long-lasting as opposed to other brands in the market. Come to Ariston for all of your electronic and audio sound devices now!

SUPERB-QUALITY SOUND AND EQ EFFECTS Listen to high-quality audio with this affordable soundbar. This soundbar has a powerful output of sound that will resonate throughout the room. The clear and crisp sound from this speaker will out-beat any speaker of a TV, phone, or tablet. Enjoy the different equalization effects ranging from Music, TV, and Movie modes. Change and adjust the speaker modes so you can receive the sound that your ears are craving.
MESMERIZING RGB LED LIGHTS Be enchanted by this soundbar’s fun RGB LED lights. The top trim of the soundbar gives off a resonating multicolor RGB display of light. Switch between the four light settings: 7 colors change with music; single color is like running water; 7 colors breathing mode; and 7 colors cyclic flashing. Don’t miss out on adding color to your living space with this exciting soundbar.
ALL THE CONNECTIONS YOU NEED Connect this soundbar with almost any device. This soundbar is designed to have multiple connections to link with a number of home entertainment devices. The Ariston speaker contains the following types of ports: AUX, OPTICAL, HDMI, and a wireless connection through BLUETOOTH. With these varying types of connections, you can easily switch connecting your soundbar between different household electronic devices.
DIVERSE PLACEMENT: TABLE OR WALL MOUNT Place the Ariston soundbar pretty much anywhere. You can place this soundbar on your table, entertainment center, or even on your wall. This unique soundbar, measuring 37.8 in. (960 mm.) by 4.72 in. (120 mm.) by (2.8 in.) 71 mm, comes mountable to your home’s wall. This soundbar is simple to mount with only a few easy steps to follow. Install your soundbar at the perfect location of the room so that you can listen to the audio from the best point.
REMOTE CONTROL OPERATED Don’t worry about having to walk back and forth to adjust the sound features on your soundbar. The remote control included with the soundbar will save you the trip. Use the remote control to operate and manage your soundbar straight from your couch. Also enjoy the sleek, slim design of the remote control provided. Relax with the ease of this easy-to-use remote control for your soundbar.

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